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Marine fabrication is the foundation of our business and was the original inspiration behind Prime Fabrication. Trevor Streech, as the son of a lifelong waterman and yacht designer, inherited a passion for boating. He has extensive knowledge and appreciation for this specialized field of work. Trevor takes great pride in designing and crafting beautiful, high quality stainless marine fixtures. Rails, T-tops, towers, rod holders, transom name plates, and dingy chocks are just a few of the needs we have met for our boating clientele.

Custom design, build & installation



A Prime Stainless Steel Anchor will not only visually enhance the look of your Vessel, but it’s a stronger and safer alternative in which to secure your boat.

Our Stainless Steel Anchors are constructed to a mirror polish from cold-formed type 316L stainless plate, unlike competitors that are made from castings that can be very brittle. The solid plate construction and excellent design make for a virtually indestructible anchor. These anchors will not let go!

All Prime Anchors are certified to meet the tough specifications of Lloyds and come backed with a lifetime warranty against breakage.

Roll Stabilizer

Roll Stabilizers (flopper stoppers) in open position are 42″ x 28.5″ giving you 1200 sq. inches of surface area.  Flopper stopper plates and all the hardware are made from type 316 stainless steel for ultimate corrosion resistance.  The entire unit weighs only 34lbs. and can fold to 15.5″ x 42″ so that it can be stowed easily.  Chain bridle and welded hinges make for an extremely rigid device to handle the roughest anchorages.  Use one unit for boats up to 56′ and two units for boats up to 80′.

Paravane Fish

Paravane Stabilizers are used for stabilization of a vessel while under way at speeds between 5 and 15 knots.  They are suspended by poles amidships on both port and starboard.  Pole lengths can vary between 15′ to 35′ from the edge of a boat, depending on vessel size.  Typically the fish travel about 8′ under the surface of the water and have an angle of attack to dive, thus stabilizing the vessel.  All models are made from cold-rolled steel that is precision water jet cut, mig welded and then galvanized.  In addition to galvanizing, we can also provide a powder coat finish of any color.  Custom poles and hardware for securing the paravanes are available through our fabrication team.

Keel Cooler/Heat Exchange

Are you tired of dealing with pumps and strainers for your raw water source?  Do you want a reliable and maintenance free way to cool your hydraulic system with no moving parts?  Here’s your answer!  This state if the art titanium hydraulic oil keel cooler has been developed in cooperation with the engineering staff at PAE (Nordhavn).  With great success they are now use on every current Nordhavn with active fin stabilizers and or central hydraulic systems.  One Series 800 cooler is typically used for a stand alone active fin stabilizer system on the return side of the system. On central hydraulic systems with 41 G.P.M. (gallons per minute) or less 1 series 800 is installed on the return side of the system and 1 Series 800 is installed on the case drain line. On central hydraulic systems with flow rates above 41 G.P.M. and not more than 70 G.P.M., 1 Series 1200 is used on the return, and 1 Series 800 on the case drain. For larger systems with higher flow rates, custom models are available.  All keel coolers are made from Grade 2 titanium for excellent corrosion resistance.  Keel coolers are hydro-dynamically designed so they can be mounted proud on the hulls surface or mounted in an alcove for even less resistance and more protection.  Finally a system you can trust!

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